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The Big Blue Plumbing blog covers plumbing, gas, hot water and drainage. We have tips and tricks, tutorials and general articles to help save you money.

Detect Burst Pipe

How To Detect A Burst Pipe

Learn how to detect a burst pipe in your home or business with our comprehensive guide. From visible signs to unusual sounds, we’ll help you identify the problem early and avoid costly damage. Protect your property and stay safe with our expert tips.

Ignore Burst Pipe

What Happens When You Ignore A Burst Pipe

Address plumbing issues promptly to avoid health risks, structural damage, and high water bills. Prevent burst pipes with insulation, pressure valves, and regular maintenance.

Instantaneous Water Heaters Work?

How Do Instantaneous Water Heaters Work?

Wondering how instantaneous water heaters work? This is just the guide for you as we discuss the working of this popular tankless water heater system.

Add Solar Water Heater Existing System?

Can I Add A Solar Water Heater To An Existing System?

Wondering if you can add a solar water heater to an existing system? This guide highlights the different types of systems and explains them in detail.

Clean Descale Hot Water Tank?

How To Clean And Descale Your Hot Water Tank?

Have you noticed gunk and scaling on the inner walls of your hot water tank? Then check out this guide, discussing cleaning and descaling your tank.

Burst Pipe?

What Should I Do When I Have A Burst Pipe?

In this blog, you will learn what steps to take when faced with a burst pipe. From shutting off the water supply to calling a professional plumber, this guide will help you mitigate the damage and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Maximise Energy Efficiency Hot Water System

How To Maximise Energy Efficiency in Your Hot Water System

Looking to reduce your energy bill and be more environmentally conscious? Learn how to maximise the energy efficiency of your hot water system with our comprehensive guide. Discover practical tips and tricks to save energy, reduce waste, and ultimately save you money.

Maintain Hot Water System

How To Maintain Your Hot Water System

Learn the essential tips for maintaining your hot water system and keeping it in top condition. Our blog provides practical advice on how to prolong the life of your heat pump hot water system, reduce energy costs, and ensure it delivers reliable hot water when you need it most.

Fix Leaking Bathtub Tap

How To Fix A Leaking Bathtub Tap

Find out how to diagnose and fix a leaking bathtub tap with these simple steps. Save time, money, and energy — learn the right techniques now!

Fix Leaking Garden Tap

How To Fix A Leaking Garden Tap

A leaking garden tap can be a frustrating problem, but it’s often an easy fix. This guide will show you how to diagnose the problem and repair your tap quickly and easily. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just looking to save money on plumber fees, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Fix Leaking Tap Kitchen

How To Fix Leaking Tap In Kitchen

Are you tired of dealing with a leaky faucet? Fixing a leaking tap is easier than you think. With our guide, you’ll learn how to identify and fix the problem quickly and easily. Say goodbye to wasted water and high bills.

Fix Leaking Shower Tap

How To Fix Leaking Shower Tap

Trying to fix a leaking shower tap can be daunting. But with the right tools and instructions, it can be done quickly and easily. Check out our guide on how to fix it in no time.

Fix Leaking Tap

How To Fix A Leaking Tap

You can learn how to fix a leaking faucet in your home with our step-by-step guide. Get to know the common causes and simple solutions to prevent leaking faucets in the future!

Tap Leak?

What Causes My Tap To Leak?

Is your tap leaking water? Check out our guide to find out the common causes of leaky taps and how to fix them.

Benefits Annual Plumbing Inspections

Benefits Of Annual Plumbing Inspections

From a small leak to a damaged pipe, plumbing inspections can save you thousands in expensive repairs. Check out the benefits of hiring a licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing!

Backflow Inspection?

What Is A Backflow Inspection?

Want to know how a professional backflow test can protect you from nasty health risks? Learn what backflow is, why annual testing is vital, and how to use prevention devices.

Remove & Prevent Bathroom Mould

How to Remove & Prevent Bathroom Mould

Have you noticed spots of mould growing on your shower tiles and wet areas? Get rid of mould in your bathroom safely by following our easy step-by-step guide and avoid issues in the future!

Plumbing Safety Tips Homeowner

Plumbing Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Learn how to keep your plumbing safe and running smoothly with these helpful plumbing safety tips. Get all the info you need to keep your home’s pipes in check and avoid nasty surprises and costly repairs!

Unclog Sink Standing Water

How To Unclog A Sink With Standing Water

Want easy, step-by-step instructions on how to unclog your sink when there is standing water? This post has all the tips you need.

9 Benefits Filtered Water

9 Benefits Of Filtered Water

Is filtered water better than bottled or tap water? In this guide, we have discussed nine benefits of filtered water that will urge you to install a water filter at home.

Leaking Water Heater?

Leaking Water Heater?

When your water heater starts to leak, it’s important to know what to do. Our comprehensive guide walks you through the process step-by-step.

Fix Water Leaks Wall?

How Do I Fix Water Leaks In My Wall?

Fix a water leak in your wall quickly and easily with these helpful tips. Learn how to identify the source of the leak, determine the best repair option, and get the job done!

Pipe Relining?

Why Consider Pipe Relining?

Considering pipe relining? Let’s look at the advantages of pipe relining and why you should consider having this procedure done.

Main Septic Backup

Main Causes Of Septic Backup

Having issues with septic tank backup? Septic tank problems are complex, and many factors can contribute. Find out what’s clogging your septic tank in our guide!

Unblock Sink — Actionable DIY Guide

Unblock A Sink — Actionable DIY Guide

How do you unblock a sink? Our simple 10-step method for clearing blocked sinks will teach you how to get rid of clogged drains for good!

Toilet Leaking Base?

Is Your Toilet Leaking From The Base?

If you notice water on the floor around your toilet, it may leak from the base. Here are some ways to identify its signs and how to fix them.

DIY Guide Replacing Toilet

DIY Guide To Replacing Your Toilet

Getting rid of an old toilet is easier than you’d think. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you replace your toilet on your own.

Types Taps?

What Are The Different Types Of Taps?

Are you renovating your bathroom or installing a new tap? Take a look at our guide to the different types of faucets available before purchasing a new one!

Time Replace Tap?

Is It Time To Replace Your Tap?

Should you have your taps replaced? This guide will help you decide if replacing your taps is a good idea by looking at these five signs!

Remove Bathtub Drain (DIY)

How To Remove Your Bathtub Drain (DIY)

Learn how to easily remove your bathtub drain without any tools — perfect for DIYers in our ultimate drain plumbing guide!

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