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Think you have a water leak? Plumbing systems can fail, and sometimes a pipe can break or crack due to many factors.

Water leaks must be dealt with immediately as they can cause severe damage if left unattended. It would help if you had the team at Big Blue Plumbing. Your water leak can be fixed within hours, and your plumbing system and property can be damaged!

How Do Plumbing Leaks Happen?

It’s impossible to pinpoint a single reason for water leaks in your home, but some issues are pretty standard. Typically, leaks occur in the following areas:

  • Kitchen & bathroom leak repairs
  • Floor drains
  • Showerheads
  • Behind walls
  • Under sinks
  • Sewer Lines

We often get called to deal with toilet leaks involving a damaged flapper or a worn-out flush valve. However, if you smell a foul odour, the problem usually lies with the seal underneath the toilet.

Other than that, most of the issues in a pipeline occur due to increased pressure. Although a pipeline can withstand maximum water pressure of 80 PSI, a sudden increase in pressure damages the system, leading to leaks.

Another unavoidable problem is corroded pipes, for which no full-proof solution exists. No treatment can stop corrosion, but with maintenance, you can increase the longevity of the pipeline. Some avoidable causes of water leaks:

  • Broken seals
  • Blocked drains
  • Tree root invasions
  • Rapid temperature changes
  • Old or worn-out pipes

Contact us for periodic maintenance, and our experienced team will take care of the rest. Saving you from water leaks and costly repairs!

How Can We Repair Them?

We have hired professionals who undergo regular training in using the latest gadgets to solve the issue of water leaks. Our team locates the source of the leak and determines how to tackle the problem efficiently. We mostly use mortars, sealants, and coatings to plug the gaps before running water through the pipe to check if it worked.

If the pipes are beyond repair, we offer relining, which takes time but is a long-lasting solution. Using modern techniques, we dry out the concrete and provide maximum protection so that the reinforced steel doesn’t deteriorate soon.

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Plumbing Leak Services

We offer a range of solutions for plumbing leaks for things like pipes, taps and showers; including the following:

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