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Heavy downpours can block the storm water drain on your property. Get it checked by our professionals before overflowing water wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation or walls.

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When it rains in Australia, it pours. And worse, it floods the stormwater drain — leaving a murky puddle in front of the house. Not only is it an eyesore and a golden opportunity for soaked shoes, but blocked stormwater can also cause damage to both private and commercial properties.

As the name suggests, stormwater drains or storm sewers are primarily meant to drain out excess rainwater, most common after a particularly stormy downpour. That said, runoff from roofs and sloping roads, combined with the notorious summer rains, is a recipe for blocked stormwater drains. Not to mention how your gardening hobbies may be adding to the problem.

Silt, fallen leaves, and thick, muddy runoff from your lawn get collected over time and obstruct the water from passing through to the stormwater drainage system. Sometimes, the culprit may be the thick roots of trees growing underground searching for irrigation. A thorough check-up by an experienced plumber is the quickest way to reach a diagnosis for further care.

The Solution

Preventable measures, such as regular raking of leaves and the correct disposal of garbage, can minimise overflowing and blocked stormwater drains. On the flip side, taking matters into your own hands to remedy the issue is not advised.

DIY tips, such as pouring chemicals into drains, can cause more harm than good. Nevertheless, such ideas or leaving the blockages treated may force you to call a professional eventually — perhaps for more serious jobs. Timely intervention by an experienced plumber will ensure that the issue is detected or prevented before any significant damage.

Please book an appointment with our experts at Big Blue Plumbing, who use state-of-the-art technology and CCTV cameras to detect blockages in your stormwater drainage systems. Once the problem is identified, the company has the necessary tools and knowledge to repair and possibly prevent future blockages.

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At Big Blue Plumbing, our mission is to become a household name for fixing household plumbing issues, including blocked stormwater drains. For this, we endeavour to nurture transparency and easily accessible services at reasonable rates. Visit our official website and fill out the form to book an appointment with one of our trusted plumbers.

Someone from the team will soon be with you to go through the pricing policy and answer any queries you might have. Rest assured, our team of technicians, repairmen and plumbers are well-trained and skilled to tackle whatever task at hand. Additionally, they use advanced technology and machinery to give the most accurate and long-lasting results.

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General Plumbing FAQs

General Plumbing FAQs

You should call a plumber if you have a broken stormwater pipe. They will be able to fix the pipe and remove the blockage.

You should try manually clearing the blockage if you cannot fix the broken stormwater pipe. A plunger or a garden hose can be used for this. When clearing the blockage manually, wear gloves and protective eyewear since it can be hazardous if the wastewater is not treated correctly.

You should call a plumber if you think your stormwater pipe is blocked. If necessary, they will be able to fix the broken pipe and unblock it.

It will help to determine what is causing the blockage in your stormwater drain. You might be able to remove leaves and debris with a plunger or a plumber’s snake if it is only leaves and debris. However, if a broken stormwater pipe causes the blockage, you should call a plumber. In either case, getting the problem fixed as soon as possible is vital to avoid flooding.

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