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Are you a commercial property owner who needs grease traps installed? Perhaps you need your current ones repaired, cleaned or replaced.

For fast and effective commercial grease trap services, you can trust the commercial plumbing team at Big Blue Plumbing!

Do You Need Commercial Grease Traps?

Facilities with large kitchens must abide by the Australian regulatory laws of installing commercial grease traps or interceptors to prohibit grease from passing into sewage. These grease traps are reservoirs that store and reduce the wastewater flow rate from the kitchen to trap grease and food debris.

All commercial grease traps require regular maintenance, typically performed in intervals of three months. For that, you’ll require the expertise of licensed and certified plumbers who are experienced in handling the technicalities of the grease traps. And all you need do is call us, as our team at Big Blue Plumbing can take care of most problems related to commercial grease traps.

Problems Related To Commercial Grease Traps

Commercial grease traps can cause several problems when left without proper maintenance, compromising your facility’s safety and cleanliness. The commonly seen issues include:

  • Grease build-up on the walls
  • Blocked water outlet
  • Flooding or overflow
  • Seepage of unpleasant odour from drains
  • The damaged or poor condition of the trap
  • Sink draining slowly
  • Water standing in the trap for too long

As a commercial facility, you must adhere to a strict audit schedule for grease traps to avoid getting fined by the water company. However, there might be instances where the problems may arise out of the blue, in which case you should contact an experienced local commercial plumbing provider to sort them out.

You can expect to get the needed help from us at Big Blue Plumbing, be it for regular maintenance or an emergency commercial grease trap repair. Our trained plumbers can access industry-specific plumbing equipment to care for your problem as early as possible without causing inconvenience.

Why Choose Our Commercial Plumbers?

If you’re looking to get your commercial grease trap repairs, all that’s required is to give a call on our 24/7 emergency helpline number. On booking a service, our industry-specific plumbers will be on their way to your property and reach within the arranged time.

After reaching your facility, the professionals will ask pertinent questions about the grease trap and check if it requires repair or cleaning. Based on that, you’ll be given a transparent quote and the estimated duration needed to finish the job.

Our team will try their best to finish the work without disrupting your business. And they will only leave your premises after double-checking that the grease trap is working correctly.

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It is hard to find a reliable commercial plumber, but Big Blue Plumbing stands out. We deliver exceptional and professional service every time. Our team are flexible and will work around times that suit your operational hours.

Want to book an appointment or speak with one of our team? Simply call us on (07) 5404 9354 anytime!

We look forward to assisting you with your commercial grease traps!

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Commercial Grease Traps FAQs

Want to learn more about maintaining your commercial grease traps? Find out what other customers have asked us:

A grease trap is a plumbing device to intercept greasy waste materials before entering a septic tank or drainage system. The trap consists of a box or container with an inlet and outlet between the sink and the main sewer line. The inlet allows wastewater from the sink to enter the box, while the outlet helps keep grease and other particles from passing out of the trap and into the main sewer line.

Commercial grease traps are typically larger than those used in homes, and they’re designed to handle heavier loads of greasy waste. They may be manufactured from concrete, plastic, or metal and may include baffles or filters to help capture grease and other debris.

A grease trap is a device that captures fats, oils, and grease from waste before it enters your septic system or sewer line. By doing this, you can prevent clogs and backups in your system.

There are a few different ways that you can clean your grease trap. One method is to use hot water and detergent. This will break down the fats, oils, and grease so that they can be flushed away. Another method is to use enzymes. Enzymes break down the molecules in fats, oils, and grease so that they can be easily removed from your system.

However, best way to keep your grease trap clean is to have it serviced regularly by a plumbing professional.

Plumbers are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining commercial grease traps.

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