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Blocked Basin Repair

Frequent blocks in the basin may lead to disaster if left unchecked. Our plumbers has an extensive experience in clearing sinks and basins, so we know what works.

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Garbage disposals make life easier. After all, scraps of food at the bottom of the kitchen basin are unsightly, and picking them out with your hand isn’t a comfortable experience.

However, garbage disposals aren’t foolproof either; pouring down greasy food and oil, apart from other prohibited items, is a surefire way to clog up the drain.

Is Your Basin Blocked?

Even if you are careful, a blocked basin or garbage disposal system can still happen. Sometimes, clumps of hair may be the culprit, while other times, it can be stubborn food particles that the garbage disposal could not grind up. Although overflowing water may cause a mess and panic, a blocked basin can signify an even bigger problem – clogged pipes.

Not only are clogged pipes far more challenging to fix, but they are also breeding grounds for bacteria that cause foul odours and even spread diseases. It is crucial to determine whether the problem runs deeper than just what meets the eye.

Your Clogged Drain Issue Solved!

Taking preventive measures such as wiping down oily utensils before rinsing is the only at-home solution that poses minimal risk. Other DIY methods of unblocking pipes include flushing down the contaminants with equal parts of hot and cold water or chemical drain cleaners.

However, bear in mind that using chemical solutions should be left as a final option as they are unsafe to handle and may damage the pipes. Anyhow, the use of this risky alternative is better left in the hands of professionals. The ideal solution would be to pull out debris rather than push it and risk build-up further down the drain.

On the other hand, the issue might be a jammed garbage disposal. The most hassle-free solution for accurately diagnosing a blocked basin is to book an appointment with us at Big Blue Plumbing. Our trained professionals will inspect the problem with CCTV cameras, and our team will provide you with a report.

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