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If your kitchen sink isn’t draining. Stop right there and call Big Blue Plumbing today for premium-quality service our plumbers at Big Blue Plumbing with on-time clogged sink repairs we’re never too late to rescue you.

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A blocked kitchen sink is not just a sore sight but also hampers your household chores.

Since the kitchen is an essential room in a house, a blocked kitchen sink is no less than a nightmare for any homeowner. While the reasons behind the blockage can be numerous, a professional plumber can pinpoint it for you and fix the issues.

But is this plumber experienced enough to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction? Does the company provide affordable solutions to your plumbing problems?

What if we tell you there’s a plumbing company that ticks all the boxes for efficiency, reliability, and affordability? Read on to find out about this industry-leading company in Australia.

What’s Causing Your Clogged Kitchen?

Food is the most common culprit behind a clogged kitchen sink. While food scraps on the plate may not look like a lot, these tiny pieces accumulate in the pipeline, resulting in a blockage. What next? You will notice slow drainage, gurgling sounds, and water backing up.

Grease is another primary antagonist in the scene. Although it is liquid and looks like it will flow straight into the main drain, its slimy nature allows it to stick to the pipes and catch other particles. As a preventive measure, you can pour cold water right after dumping anything greasy or oily into the kitchen sink.

Small particles like coffee grinds, eggshells, medicines, and so on can further clog the kitchen drain.

Let Us Help You!

When you notice the early signs of a blocked sink, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, give us a call. At Big Blue Plumbing, our expert plumbers take pride in our experienced staff and hi-tech equipment that help us perform to our maximum limit. So, rest assured that your blocked kitchen sink is in good hands.

Since every sink differs in size and design, we know there is no set method to fix it. So, we start with analysing the problem area and creating an effective action plan. Of course, you will be the first to know about the pricing policy. We won’t take a step before your permission, so you’re always in control!

Once the blockage is eliminated, we’ll clean the area until it’s spotless. This is because we know our work can get messy, so it’s on us. You’ll never have to pay extra!

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