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If you have leaking or burst gas pipes, call Big Blue Plumbing for fast and reliable service. We can quickly diagnose where your leak or break originates, then provide durable and dependable repairs. So, get in touch with our gas plumbers today!

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Has your gas pipe just burst? Please ensure you and your family are safe before taking any further steps.

Your gas pipe may have burst for many reasons; however, you are best to leave the diagnosis to our licensed gas fitters. We will work with emergency services to rectify the burst gas pipe, keeping your property and family safe from harm.

For emergency burst pipes, contact our 24/7 emergency response team.

What Causes A Burst Gas Pipe?

If you have a kitchen in the house, you must have gas pipes connected to it. But are you smelling gas in the air, or do you see a hole in the pipe? Remember that a broken or burst pipe can be a major worry as it could have fatal consequences.

Gas pipes are not unusual to burst because of excess pressure or a snag. They could also become old and worn out, requiring immediate replacement. Some of the other common causes of broken gas lines:

  • Incorrect Or Faulty Installation
  • Gas Leak
  • Blocked Gas Pipe
  • Faulty Gas Appliance

Whatever the issue, a burst gas pipe needs to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage and possible devastation.

How We Handle Your Burst Gas Pipe

Once our technician reaches your house, they will check the line thoroughly to understand the issue. You can let them handle the entire process, and rest assured that they will do a good job. Plus, they will inform you before replacing any of the pipes, and you will get a receipt for the new one.

Firstly, the gas line will be shut off, and the pipe will be removed. Our technician will probably advise keeping all the windows open, so any leaking gas can flow out. Once the issue has been spotted, either the snag will be fixed, or a new pipe will be attached.

Completing the job should not take more than an hour. Our plumbers will also check the entire line to ensure no remaining problems before tidying up the place. We aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and we assure you that you will be happy with the job.

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To reach us, give us a call on the helpline number provided. One of our customer care representatives will take the call and help you book an appointment. You can tell them about your location and the exact problem. Please notify our team of licensed gas fitter if this is an emergency.

Our representative will give you an estimate of the costs that might be incurred. We believe in reasonable pricing, and you will not have to pay any extra. And you will always receive a bill for every expense.

So, get in touch with our gas plumbers today!

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Burst Gas Pipe FAQs

Still, have more questions regarding burst gas pipes? See our client’s FAQs answered below!

It is possible to sustain multiple injuries if a gas pipe bursts and they are also extremely flammable. In the event of a burst gas pipe, you must evacuate the area as soon as possible and contact your gas plumbing company or emergency services.

A gas pipe can burst for several reasons. It is often caused by a blockage or leak within the pipe that builds up pressure. As a result, the pipe can become damaged and eventually rupture. Corrosion and rust are other reasons gas pipes burst, which weaken the overall structure of the pipe and make it more prone to failure.

A gas pipe burst can be extremely dangerous because natural gas is flammable and explosive. Call your local gas plumber if you suspect a gas leak and evacuate the area immediately.
Many factors can cause a gas pipe to burst, but corrosion and metal fatigue are the most common causes. Whether or not a gas pipe bursts can also be influenced by external factors like the weather (extreme cold or hot weather).
You should immediately call our plumbers if you see a broken or damaged gas pipe so that it can be repaired. You shouldn’t attempt to fix the pipe yourself, as it could be very hazardous.

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