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Always use a licensed gasfitter for any installation, repairs or renovations involving gas work. Whether you are building a new property, have moved to a new area, or want to move the energy meter- our experienced technicians have got your back.

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5-Star Service

Do you need gas connected to your property? Whether you have recently moved house or want to switch to gas-powered appliances, you will need a licensed gas fitter to perform the gas connections.

You can get connected with our certified gas fitters at Big Blue Plumbing! In addition, we can assist with appliances, gas lines, and fittings.

Why Do You Need Gas Connected?

Given the utility of natural and LPG gas, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more homeowners across the country are opting for gas-powered appliances. And South East Queensland is no exception!

But people with these appliances know how cumbersome it can be to connect gas to property. The process begins with finding a suitable gas retailer in your area and making the necessary applications. Not only that, but it’s also essential to keep an eye on the entire process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

However, you can now bid goodbye to all gas connection-related woes with Big Blue Plumbing by your side. Whether connecting a new gas line to your property or updating the existing line, we do it on your behalf.

Let Us Connect Your Gas!

Whether you are building a new property, have moved to a new area, or want to move the energy meter- our experienced technicians have your back. We help you with everything, from finding a retailer to fitting the necessary appliances. Our technicians have all the required licenses and will work according to the rules and regulations of the said area.

Once the application is approved, we immediately start working to connect gas to your property by establishing a connection between the gas mainline on the nearest street and the gas inlet near your home. This connection runs through the gas meter to an outlet and enters your home.

The gas meter will help in the safe regulation of gas flow so that you can keep an eye on the usage. The gas meter will be placed conveniently for easy access, and the readings should usually be taken once every quarter.

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