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Water Efficiency Certificate QLD

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There is no denying that you must consider many things before renting your property as a landlord.

One important thing is to ensure you can pass on the water consumption costs to your tenant. And the easiest way to do that is to get in touch with a trustworthy plumbing company that can help you obtain a water efficiency certificate in Queensland.

Fortunately, Big Blue Plumbing can handle your plumbing problems, upgrade pipes and fittings and help you acquire a water efficiency certificate. For us, earning the trust of our customers is a top priority, so we ensure that the job is done without them having to do a thing.

How Can You Obtain A Water Efficiency Certificate?

Our plumbers will verify whether or not the property is individually metered and certified and whether the tenancy agreement requires the tenant to pay for water consumption.

They might also ask you to present copies of previous plumbing reports, instruction manuals or warranties for taps and showerheads, and plumbing fixture purchase receipts. Once the plumber is satisfied, they will help you obtain the plumbing water efficiency certificates QLD by:

  • Upgrading outlets and tapware
  • Installing flow restrictors
  • Installing flow-restricting fittings at the back of the spouts
  • Installing flow restrictors directly into the tap

Things To Remember About Your Certification

It is worth noting that there are several criteria that you need to meet to acquire plumbing water efficiency certificates QLD, such as:

  • For showerheads, a flow rate of 9 litres per minute has to be maintained
  • The rental property must have a dedicated metre
  • Toilets must have a dual flush system that uses no more than 6.5 litres when flushed completely and 3.5 litres when flushed halfway.

Remember that you will still be receiving the water bill, and you will have to pay the amount in full. Then you can send a copy of the bill and charge them accordingly; the tenants shall not be billed directly by the water suppliers.

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Water Efficiency Certificates FAQs

Want to know more about obtaining a water efficiency certificate in QLD? Read our FAQs below:

Yes, you need to be a licensed plumber to obtain a water efficiency certificate in Queensland.

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