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How to Connect Washing Machine

Washing Machine Installation

Looking for a reliable plumbing team to help connect your brand new washing machine? Don’t worry; Big Blue Plumbing has got your back with this and every other plumbing issue! Get in touch with us today!

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Getting a new washing machine can be quite exciting, but it tends to be short-lived when it’s time to connect it.

As straightforward as it may seem, this is a challenging task that requires a professional. And, if you are looking for a team to count on, you’re in the right place. Whether connecting a washing machine or checking the appliance, we can do it all at reasonable costs. Our team believes in delivering nothing but top-quality service.

Do You Need A Plumber?

If you want to connect a washing machine at home, it can be tempting to do it yourself. However, this can lead to a ton of problems. The appliance is complicated and has many parts that need expert hands. Along with this, finding the right tap drains and pipes for optimal installation can be challenging.

Another issue with DIY washing machine installations is finding suitable hose fittings. It can be quite the task to do it yourself, posing a significant risk of spoiling the appliance.

This is where our team at Big Blue Plumbing can help you!

How We Install Your Washing Machine

When looking for a plumber to connect a washing machine, it is imperative to know they are experienced. So to give you an idea, here is how our licensed plumbers will connect your washing machine.

The first thing would be to check for any existing connections and ensure they are still safe to use. In addition, we would also check the appliance and ensure it is in proper working condition before installing it. Once the inspections are over, we will move on to the actual work.

We will install the necessary pipelines and fittings upon replacing or installing a machine.

Once we connect the machine, we will test it for leaks. We ensure to address any issues that may arise before leaving the house.

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