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The Big Blue Plumbing blog covers plumbing, gas, hot water and drainage. We have tips and tricks, tutorials and general articles to help save you money.

Remove Hair Blocked Shower Drain

How to Remove Hair from a Blocked Shower Drain

Uncover hassle-free methods for tackling a common household nuisance: a hair-clogged shower drain. From natural solutions to simple tools, our blog post will walk you through the best practices to remove hair and prevent future blockages in your shower.

Blocked Shower Drains Prevention

Causes of Blocked Shower Drains and Prevention

Explore the usual suspects behind blocked shower drains, from hair and soap scum to hard water deposits. Our blog provides practical advice and preventative measures to maintain a clear and fully functional shower drain, ensuring your morning routine remains uninterrupted.

Natural Gas . Propane

Natural Gas vs. Propane

Let’s look into home heating fuels as we compare natural gas and propane. Learn about their distinct advantages and limitations, including cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, installation requirements, and environmental friendliness, to help you choose the right option for your household.

Residential Gas Leaks

Causes of Residential Gas Leaks

Discover the most common causes of gas leaks at home, including damaged pipes and faulty appliances. Learn how to identify a gas smell and the potential dangers of leaks. Get tips for preventing leaks to keep your family safe.

Prevent Gas Leaks

How To Prevent Gas Leaks

Regular gas line checks are key to safety. Inspect pipes yearly and clear meters for easy access during annual professional servicing when they use tools to find tiny, undetectable leaks. Apply detection solutions, too. Proactive maintenance through consistent inspections and quick fixes prevents this odourless hazard from becoming a disaster. Stay vigilant to keep your family safe.

Handle Sewer Backup Emergency?

How Do You Handle a Sewer Backup Emergency?

Learn how to handle a sewer backup safely. This guide covers initial response steps like turning off water and calling a plumber. Tips for removing standing sewage while protecting health are included. Proper disinfection and cleaning after the issue is also addressed. Get strategies for effectively dealing with a backup from start to finish, minimising damage. See how to manage this plumbing emergency safely without going it alone.

Signs Hot Water System Replacement

Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Replacement

Is your hot water system showing signs of wear and tear? Discover the key indicators that it’s time to consider a replacement. From lukewarm showers to strange noises, our comprehensive guide will help you identify the warning signs and decide to upgrade your hot water system. Don’t let a malfunctioning unit disrupt your daily routine — find out when it’s time for a new one.

Shut Main Water Supply

How to Shut Off Your Main Water Supply

Discover the step-by-step process of shutting off your main water supply in a plumbing crisis. Learn how to protect your property from water damage and minimise the impact of plumbing emergencies.

Buying Water Heater

What to Consider Before Buying A Water Heater

Explore key factors to keep in mind before investing in a water heater. Make a well-informed decision for your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Benefits Installing Gas Hot Water System

Benefits of Installing A Gas Hot Water System

Upgrade your home with a gas hot water system and experience the incredible advantages it brings, from energy efficiency to reliable supply.

Understanding Sewerage Systems

Understanding Sewerage Systems

This comprehensive guide provides homeowners with a complete understanding of sewerage systems, covering their functionality, common problems, and essential maintenance tips.

Burst Pipes

What Causes of Burst Pipes

Explore our guide on burst pipes: their common causes, prevention tips, and what to do in a crisis. Get expert advice and solutions from Big Blue Plumbing.

Instantaneous Water Heaters Work?

How Do Instantaneous Water Heaters Work?

Wondering how instantaneous water heaters work? This is just the guide for you as we discuss the working of this popular tankless water heater system.

Add Solar Water Heater Existing System?

Can I Add A Solar Water Heater To An Existing System?

Wondering if you can add a solar water heater to an existing system? This guide highlights the different types of systems and explains them in detail.

Clean Descale Hot Water Tank?

How To Clean And Descale Your Hot Water Tank?

Have you noticed gunk and scaling on the inner walls of your hot water tank? Then check out this guide, discussing cleaning and descaling your tank.

Maximise Energy Efficiency Hot Water System

How To Maximise Energy Efficiency in Your Hot Water System

Looking to reduce your energy bill and be more environmentally conscious? Learn how to maximise the energy efficiency of your hot water system with our comprehensive guide. Discover practical tips and tricks to save energy, reduce waste, and ultimately save you money.

Maintain Hot Water System

How To Maintain Your Hot Water System

Learn the essential tips for maintaining your hot water system and keeping it in top condition. Our blog provides practical advice on how to prolong the life of your heat pump hot water system, reduce energy costs, and ensure it delivers reliable hot water when you need it most.

Unblock Toilet DIY: Baking Soda Salt

Unblock Your Toilet DIY: Baking Soda And Salt

Don’t let a blocked toilet ruin your day — find out how to unclog your toilet DIY style in an emergency with baking soda and salt.

Long Hot Water System ?

How Long Will Your Hot Water System Last?

Are you considering installing a new hot water system but want to know if it is worth the cost? The following guide will help determine how long a water heater will last.

Size Hot Water System ?

What Size Hot Water System Do I Need?

Have you been planning to move into a new house or keep running out of hot water? Our guide helps determine what size hot water system would work best for your family.

Plumbing Vent & Work?

What Is A Plumbing Vent & How Do They Work?

Wondering what part a plumbing vent plays in your house? Equip yourself with the knowledge of plumbing vents to better detect problems with your plumbing system.

Brown Water Coming Taps

Why Is Brown Water Coming Out Of My Taps

Are you wondering why your tap water is looking brownish? You may experience brown tap water for several reasons, so keep reading this guide to find out why!

Rid Drain Odours & Prevent Smelly Drains

How To Get Rid Of Drain Odours & Prevent Smelly Drains

Do your drains raise a stink? You don’t have to worry—it’s possible to get rid of smelly drains with the right tools and techniques which we’ll encounter in this blog.

Fix Hot Water Pressure

How To Fix Low Hot Water Pressure

Troubled with reduced hot water pressure in your home? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we will help you understand the reasons and their fixes below.

Gas Electric Hot Water Heaters

Gas vs Electric Hot Water Heaters

Have you been thinking about getting a water heater for your home? Read on to figure out whether a gas or electric hot water heater would work for you.

Fix Blocked Shower Drain

How To Fix Blocked Shower Drain

Troubled by a blocked shower drain? We know how irritating it can be and have outlined some fool proof ways to fix this problem.

7 Clever Ways Unclog Toilet Plunger

7 Clever Ways To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

Does your toilet seem clogged, and the plunger is nowhere to be found? You can unclog your toilet with these creative methods using household items.

Water Bill High?

Why Is My Water Bill So High?

Are you worried that your water bill is suddenly breaking the bank? We have the best suggestion to help you curb this issue.

Fix Clogged Laundry Drain

How to Fix A Clogged Laundry Drain

Are you struggling with a clogged laundry drain and don’t know how to fix it? We’ll show you the easiest way to deal with the blockage in no time.

Floor Drain Overflowing?

Why Is My Floor Drain Overflowing?

Can’t quite figure out why your floor drains are overflowing? Then, take a look at our guide, as it has all the answers to put your mind at ease.

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