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How Long Will Your Hot Water System Last?

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Are you considering installing a new hot water system but want to know if it is worth the cost? The following guide will help determine how long a water heater will last.

Do you enjoy taking hot baths to release stress after a long day’s work?

A good hot water system can make sure you can do that by providing access to instant hot water whenever needed. That said, you should know that the lifespan of gas and electric hot water systems depends upon the type of water, the quality of the device, and how they are maintained.

Long Hot Water System

Today, we will tell you how long hot water systems last and also throw light on the signs indicating that you might need a new system.

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?

Determining the hot water system lifespan can be difficult as all brands claim that their products last for a long time.

But we found that a continuous flow gas-powered heating system will last for around 15 to 20 years if you take proper care of it. On the other hand, an electric hot water system can last up to 12 years, depending on whether a storage tank is attached.

Hot Water Temperature Adjustment

For a hot water system to perform consistently for a long time, you must opt for regular maintenance. Some people like to get their hot water systems checked every 6 months if they are used regularly or occasionally every year. While this might cost some money, you can surely improve their life expectancy by a few years.

When a hot water system with a tank has lasted for 8 to 10 years, or a tankless system has reached 10 to 12 years, you can start planning to replace it. A reliable hot water system may last a little longer, but the heating element may have deteriorated inside. That could mean the hot water systems will consume more energy than expected.

You must plan when you know that the hot water system is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. Purchasing a new one is not difficult, but it will require some planning, especially if you want to shift from standard gas tanks to electric tankless options.

Also, you will have to check the Google rating of the product and ensure you hire a local plumber for installation.

How To Know If Your Water Heater May Stop Working

Hot water systems last for a specific amount of time, as mentioned by the manufacturer, but you can make them last longer with regular maintenance. However, some signs suggest you should start looking for a new system.

Point Water Heater Maintenance

1. Smells Weird

If you find the water smelling weird or tasting bad, there can be something inside the hot water tank. Storage tanks can have bacteria growing inside, or they might have absorbed metal which gives the water a funky smell. Try cleaning the hot water units but if the water still smells, call a licensed plumber for help.

2. Banging Sounds

When it is time to replace your hot water system, you may start hearing rumbling noises from the water heater system. A sediment build-up inside the hot water heater usually causes this problem.

Calcium accumulates and creates a layer at the tank’s base, which hardens over time to form a thick crust. As a result, the water heater will bang and creak when used.

Check how much hot water flows through your system before calling local hot water experts to clear the calcium layer and flush it out. However, sometimes the layers that form are permanent, and the hot water system may not last beyond a few months.

3. Low Water Temperature

Have you noticed that your hot water doesn’t heat up as much as it used to? This might indicate that the system has become old and needs to be replaced. The machine may also stop being energy efficient, causing a spike in energy bills.

Hot Water Showerhead

4. Discoloured Water Or Bad Water Quality

Dirty yellow or red water means there is rust in the system. Firstly, you will need to understand if the coloured water is coming from the cold water tap or just the hot water one. If it is coming from both taps, there could be issues with the main water pipe; otherwise, the inside of the hot water system may have corroded and rusted.

5. Less Hot Water

Another sign that the hot water system will not last long is if the hot water flow from the tap is low. Sediments accumulate inside the tank, decreasing the water space available. So, the hot water may run out quickly, and you will need to clean and drain the tank.

6. Hard Water

Hard water is extremely detrimental to hot water systems, and you might see a lot of limestone build-up. Also, the average lifespan of the unit may be reduced by two years because of this. Mineral build-up leads to blockage of pipes and tank openings which can cause slow movement of hot water. Also, the space in the tank gets reduced, leading to a reduced amount of hot water.

Hard Water Tap Erosion Tap

7. Pooling Of Water

Call your local plumber immediately if you see water leaking from the hot water tank system. There could be a valve or a fitting that has come loose and will need to be replaced or tightened. It is an emergency plumbing situation when hot water units leak, and it should be handled accordingly.

On the other hand, the tank could have corroded or cracked, which would mean getting a new unit.

When To Call The Manufacturer For Repairs?

Wallmounted Hot Water System Basement

Check the hot water system warranty period to repair the unit without hassle. Instead of choosing a new tank, contact the manufacturers, who will offer hot water service and repairs for free or at a nominal charge.

However, if there are major plumbing problems with the heating elements or the outer surface has deteriorated, you might need to change the heater soon. So, start planning and saving up if required.

Is It Time To Replace Your What Heater?

So, how long do hot water systems last? While understanding how long hot water systems last, be careful about the location. The water temperature will be low if you install the new hot water system in a crawl space or garage. Hence, hot water systems have to work more to heat the water.

So, when hiring plumbing services, get them to install the hot water unit somewhere safe without any sudden fluctuations in temperature. Also, consult with professional hot water services to ensure you choose a water heater that is the right size for your family.

This will increase the unit’s lifespan by a few more years and make it cost-effective. Also, to take care of your hot water system, empty the hot water tank at intervals to maintain it in top condition.

Whether you need hot water system maintenance installation or repair, Big Blue Plumbing covers you. Our years of experience and knowledge of solar, heat pump, electric, and gas hot water systems make us the ideal choice to maintain yours. To speak with a plumber, call us today!

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