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Why Is Brown Water Coming Out Of My Taps


Are you wondering why your tap water is looking brownish? You may experience brown tap water for several reasons, so keep reading this guide to find out why!

Brown water can cause severe damage to your property and health.

For instance, it can stain your clothes and floors when washing and cleaning. If your water is brown, it can cause a serious health concern; we do not recommend drinking it.

And we understand the stress and frustration you will feel when the water from your tap turns brownish.

Brown Water Taps

Although most people think of corrosion in the pipes as the reason, several factors can cause the water from your kitchen or bathroom taps to turn brown. So, we have curated this guide so that we can help you detect the cause and resolve the issue.

In addition, our fixes and solutions are simple and easy to follow. So, let’s begin with your brown water problem!

What Is Making My Water Brown?

Pure Brown Water Bathroom Sink

Discoloured tap water or brown tap water usually indicates that sediment, rust or minerals have accumulated in the main source. Brown water is a clear sign of contamination due to an external or internal factor.

As mentioned, several variables can cause your main water source to provide you with discoloured water.

For instance, if the main water line breaks or adjacent construction causes sediment build-up within the pipes, it results in discoloured water due to naturally occurring metals. Besides this, a sharp change in the water flow or water pressure due to increased demand can stir up the sediments and minerals within the water supply. It may happen that the local fire services are using the hydrant, which creates an excess demand for water.

Residential brown water is usually caused by oxidised iron or water pipes rust. Similarly, dislodged water mains or leaking water pipes can cause the water to oxidise with iron, which results in rusty water. Nevertheless, it isn’t potentially hazardous. If you leave the water running for a while, there is a high chance the water will turn clear.

However, if the problem persists, you might need to make a few adjustments in your plumbing or call a professional plumber to check the water system.

Is It Dangerous Or Harmful To Use Brown Water?

In general, brown water is not harmful to health. Most people have encountered brown tap water at least once and have lived to talk about it. Brown tap water can often be considered a minor inconvenience interfering with our daily activities.

For one, brown water could be caused by the iron content in the water, which results in oxidation. Although excess iron is not good for the body, some iron is beneficial as long as it remains in the safe zone. We don’t need to feel threatened by brown water always when it comes to health problems; however, you should avoid drinking it, mainly due to its metallic taste.

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Nevertheless, you can still use brown water for showering or washing your hands. On the contrary, it is not ideal for washing clothes, especially white fabrics, as they can turn red from rusty water.

However, if the water has become brown due to rust in the pipes, it can act as a breeding ground for bacteria. This is because the rusty pipe can eventually corrode and crack plumbing pipes, which results in the water being exposed to contamination in the air.

Likewise, leaking pipes are prone to mildew and mould. If these water pipes are not replaced in time, they can eventually lead to mould infestation in the house, causing a significant health hazard.

Alternatively, discoloured water from leaking pipes can ruin the look of your kitchens and washroom. For instance, the leaking brown water can stain the sinks, tiles and floors of the toilet. Similarly, too much iron can attach to any surface and cause sedimentation.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Water?

Here are a few steps which can help to remove the discoloured water from your pipes and water supply:

Brown Water Coming Chrome Tap

1. Install A Water Filter Or Water Softener

If the problem persists, we suggest installing a water filter or softener in your home. These devices are designed to remove the iron particles and contamination from the water mains. Although water filters or softeners are efficient and reliable, they require regular maintenance for the best results.

2. Talk To Your Neighbours

Another simple way to tackle this issue is by talking to your neighbours. If many people in your area are experiencing the problem, the issue might be from the city’s utility provider. In these circumstances, you should call the local provider and ask them to check the water main and conduct the necessary repairs or cleaning.

In this regard, they may even replace old pipes with new supply pipes or repair damaged ones using relining techniques.

3. Replace Your Rusted Plumbing Pipe Or Water Fixture

As discussed earlier, rusted pipe or water fixture acts as a breathing ground for bacteria and mould infestations. In this case, replacing your rusted pipes with new supply pipelines is recommended. Also, regular plumbing maintenance can stop the pipes from rusting.

4. Hot Or Cold Water Test

You can use cold or hot water to check the causes of brown water. For instance, if the hot water from your taps is brown, there might be a problem with the system or tap, which will need to be cleaned or replaced. We’d suggest getting the water heater inspected immediately to fix the issue. If your hot water system is rusted, it may need to be replaced.

But if you notice brown water flowing from the cold water tap, it could be rusting or mineral contamination in your area’s pipe, faucet or main water supply line. Get in touch with a qualified plumber to detect the exact reason and get rid of it.

Hot Water System Erosion

Brown Water Coming From Your Tap: Solved!

As responsible human beings, we should care for water quality since it is scarce. And one of the most effective ways of conserving water is by making sure that the water is safe for consumption and daily use.

Besides this, if you experience heavy rainfall in your area, it can significantly affect the water table causing the water to turn brown.

However, if the problem persists for over a couple of weeks, you should contact a plumbing service without delay. And for fast and affordable plumbing services in Caloundra, you can trust there is no one better than Big Blue Plumbing. Please don’t hesitate to call (07) 5404 9354 to speak with our team. If tap water is discoloured, we promise to provide you with an immediate solution!

With that, it’s a wrap for today. See you next time!

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