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Mixer Taps: What Are They and What Are The Different Types


Are you updating your kitchen and wondering if you should get mixer taps installed? Check out our guide to mixer taps to determine which type is best for your space.

You should introduce mixer taps to make your bathrooms more stylish and functional.

Mixer taps come in various styles and offer a range of utility that you can use. Plus, they will enable you to control the water flow easily. As the name suggests, they draw water from both the hot and cold water supply lines and mix it before releasing the water through one spout.

Types Mixer Taps

Today’s guide will take you through the mixer taps and the types you can try. By the end of this guide, you will clearly understand why mixer taps can be the best addition to your home.

Dive into choosing the best mixer for your home!

What Are Mixer Taps?

A mixer tap is very different from a standard tap as it helps to combine cold and hot water through a single spout. So, the user does not have to use two separate cold and hot water taps and can get the right temperature using one or two controls.

This is what separates mixer taps from regular ones, where you have two separate taps, each with a spout that generates cold or hot water. Mixer taps are available for several locations in the house, such as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

Mixer tap styles are varied, and you can get one that goes with the existing decor in your house. Hence, depending on your preference, you can choose modern or traditional taps. Mixer taps work in several ways, and you can choose twist tap heads, levers, or a crosshead design based on your requirements. Some people even opt for traditional rotating handles.

Whether you’re planning to install kitchen or bathroom mixer taps, you can combine them with a few attachments to reduce water usage. For example, you can add a shower attachment with the mixer tap in the bathroom to act as a flow limiter.

Types Of Mixer Taps To Try

Modern homes are incomplete with the right mixer taps, which make life much more straightforward than using separate taps. And now that you know how a mixer tap eliminates the need for separate cold water and hot water tap, we will take you through the different styles worth trying.

1. Waterfall Mixer Taps

This is not one of the most common mixer taps, and you are only likely to find one in a modern fancy home. The installation requires less space, but the water flow is heavy and cascades like a waterfall. This option is a single flow tap, and the flow rate is decent.

The best part is that this option is available in open and closed-spout designs and your bath and kitchen sink.

Waterfall Mixer Tap Design

2. Mono Mixer Tap

The hot and cold taps in a mono mixer tap are all in one; you will find one or two controls fitted in a single unit. The cold and hot water supplies will come from a single tap hole. A mono mixer tap can be a great addition to your hot water system, and you can install it in the shower bath or kitchen basin.

3. Wall-Mounted Mixer Tap

A wall-mounted mixer tap is pretty similar to deck-mounted mixer taps (we will come to that soon). However, unlike deck-mounted options, the controls, divert and spout in a wall-mounted variant are concealed in the wall. The hot and cold water taps are separate in this option, and the overall unit will deliver a clean and clear appearance.

Wall Mounted Mixer

4. Deck-Mounted Mixer Tap

This option generally comes in standard chrome colour, and the unit is fixed directly on the countertop. It is a great accessory to add to a freestanding basin.

5. Freestanding Mixer Taps

Freestanding mixer taps are a great bet if you have a big bathing space. These floor-standing taps are connected to a water supply and mounted on the floor. Because they are added to freestanding bathing units, these mixer taps generally come with a long neck.

Black Freestanding Mixer

Styles Of Mixer Taps

Whether traditional vintage or more modern minimalist style, you will surely find a mixer tap suited to your preference. They come in all colours, from nickel, brass, and gold to stainless steel.

If you are eccentric and want a showstopper piece, you can even go for coloured mixer taps. White and black mixer taps are enjoying much popularity at the moment.

On the other hand, traditional basin mixer taps mostly come in a classic arch shape or feature a curvy design that reflects the styles of the Victorian era. Likewise, modern mixer taps come with a more minimalist and simplistic design with a number of heat settings and no-touch technology.

Benefits Of Using Mixer Taps

Benefits Mixer Taps

1. Easy To Control

When you use two separate pillar taps, you are limited to only two flows of water from the spouts-cold and hot. A standard tap will allow you to adjust the temperature of the hot water, and you can mix hot and cold water directly in the bathtub or the basin.

However, a mixer tap goes a step ahead. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the tap water flowing directly. So, when running a bath, it is easy to set the water temperature to your choice precisely.

2. Versatility

As mentioned before, mixer taps are suitable for bathroom and basin sinks. We suggest adding a shower mixer to the setting to make the mixer tap more versatile. This will enable you to switch between the taps and the shower attachment.

Long story short, you can get temperature-controlled water from the tap or the shower head as and when required. For small shower enclosures, we recommend a mounted or handheld mixer.

Mixer taps: What You Need To Know

Why use two taps when you can use one? You no longer have to spend a lot of time in the morning preparing your bath by mixing hot and cold water separately, all thanks to mixer taps. These taps are super functional and are a must-add to modern bathrooms.

If you have a separate hot and cold water tap that you want to replace with a mixer tap, it is possible to do that. But before you consider that, you should check your cold and hot water pressure. And for this, you might need expert advice. For plumbing professionals who understand mixer taps, contact Big Blue Plumbing. We can help you install a mixer tap in your home quickly with expert advice.

That said, in case you are changing your plumbing system, switching to mixer taps can be a great bet. Not only will this help you save time, but it will bring down your water bills considerably.

Until next time, take care!

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