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Why Is My Water Bill So High?

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Are you worried that your water bill is suddenly breaking the bank? We have the best suggestion to help you curb this issue.

If your water bill is higher than most of your neighbours, there might be a reason to worry.

Either there is a problem with your lifestyle in which you waste gallons of water or something wrong with the plumbing system.

More often than not, there are leaks or faulty meter readings, which leads to excessive bills. A pinhole-sized leak can considerably change your water use and increase your water bill.

Water Bill High

The two most important things to deal with this issue are the water meter and water bill. Once you inspect these two, you will understand the reason behind the hike in the water bill.

7 Things To Check If Your Bill Is Higher Than Usual

If your water bill is higher than usual, there might be many familiar reasons. Maybe you are using more hot water than usual, or there might be some problem with the meter reading.

To keep the water bill within limits, check out the following suggestions and avoid committing common mistakes.

Water Glass Filled

1. Check Your Water Bill

Before exploring if your water meter is working fine, it is best to look at your water bill. Here, you will find a lot of information about water usage and will be able to determine how much water you should ideally consume to keep the cost within limits.

Typically, the first thing to look at is the billing period, is the bill for a regular cycle? Or was it delayed, resulting in this bill being for a longer period?

2. Measuring Water Use

You must take note of the measurements to limit water wastage. Your water usage will be calculated in gallons, litres, or cubic feet units (CCF). It would be best to convert the CCF into gallons or litres to decipher your water bill.

Investigating water-consuming equipment around your home can help identify where water could be used outside the normal.

Things like your sprinkler systems or an increase in laundry loads can consume a large amount of water in a very short period of time.

3. Water Meter Reading

The two main types of water meter readings are actual and estimated readings. As the name suggests, the actual reading would help you identify how much water you have used.

On the other hand, an estimated meter reading is provided by your water company when the reading cannot be taken for some reason. It will help if you stay cautious, as an actual meter reading can be far higher than the estimated one.

So, if your bill is higher than normal, contact your water service provider immediately.

3. Leaks

Leaks are a common problem in many households and often go unnoticed unless the bill sprints high. Sometimes the washing machine pipes are leaking, and sometimes pipes are leaking in the toilets. This way, you will use more water without realising that you are doing so.

It would help if you took good care of all the pipes on your property to ensure none leaked. Conducting regular checks is an excellent way to ensure that every tap is functioning correctly, and in case there is a problem, address it as soon as possible.

When you visit your garden, look at the underground pipes to see if there’s water pooling anywhere. If anything indicates a leak, ask the plumber to call you to check the potential cause of the leak and fix it.

From what we have seen, the most common reason behind a water leak is a faulty toilet pipe. If that is not fixed, there can be a wastage of water from your toilet every day.

This could lead to high water usage on your property as it will lead to water draining out of the tank without you noticing it.

4. Sudden Change In Water Usage

If you have many guests staying over at your property, the chances are that there will be a high water bill because of the sudden increase in water usage. Or, you might have even installed a new pool on your property to curb the warm weather, which would increase your average daily usage of water.

And if you are remodelling the garden, the chances are that your water use will be more than normal.

Some people even take irrigation, which increases the water they use daily. If you have kids in the house, the chances are that their “fun time” in the bathroom has increased your average water bill.

You can always switch to showers from taps as the water output is significantly less.

5. Irrigation Increasing Your Water Bill

Particularly during summer, the irrigation system leads to enhanced water use. And automated water irrigation systems are one of the reasons for high water bills.

You should regularly check your sprinkler heads to see any leaks. If your sprinkler sticks on, it could lead to high water wastage. Ensure that the timer in your irrigation system is properly working and the sprinklers do not keep the water flow on for too long.

Water Sprinkler System

6. Using Water Softeners

Many homeowners who use water softeners complain about an inevitable rise in their meter readings. This is mainly because of the backwash cycles or the regeneration that the units produce.

Water softeners use water to clean the filter media and discharge the unwanted wastewater through the pipelines. And in case the device gets stuck while working, it would lead to more water wastage.

7. Water Wastage Leading To A Higher Water Bill

If you see a sudden hike in the water bill, the chances are that you are overconsuming. Many household activities and improper use of appliances often lead to water wastage.

For example, some traditional laundry machines consume more water than modern-day washing machines. Hence, it might be good to put half a load into your appliance instead of a full load.

Sometimes, overwatering your garden could lead to an increase in your water use. And this is not the only problem! Some people take long showers, leading to high water consumption.

It would help improve your kitchen habits to limit water use. For example, instead of thawing meat under hot water, you can take it out of the freezer before cooking for natural defrosting.

Besides, many people prefer keeping their taps running while cleaning the dishes. But such ill habits should be checked immediately to prevent water wastage with practically zero effort.

At the same time, you should improve your bathroom habits and not flush too many times in the toilet to prevent water wastage.

No Issues Detected

You won’t find any problem after checking for leaks and other discrepancies. It is primarily an issue with appliances that can be put on a timer in such scenarios: the irrigation unit or a washing machine on the timer and leaks.

Start by checking your appliances, and if you cannot detect a problem, move on to examining the valves. If you still cannot figure it out, it is time you get a plumber for a thorough evaluation.

Apart from that, you can monitor the readings every week. If there’s a steady or sudden rise in water consumption, it is time to call for professional help for an extensive checkup of your plumbing system.

How To Reduce My Water Bill?

Getting your water bill under check is not a difficult task if you can figure out the cause. All the points that we have mentioned above should help you to put a check on your bill.

If you see an unusual hike in your bills without any change in water consumption, it is best to contact the water department. Get your meter reading and faucets checked for potential leaks. Other than that, a seasonal check can help you keep account of all the issues and would help you prevent related problems in the future.

See you next time!

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