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How To Maintain Your Hot Water System

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Learn the essential tips for maintaining your hot water system and keeping it in top condition. Our blog provides practical advice on how to prolong the life of your heat pump hot water system, reduce energy costs, and ensure it delivers reliable hot water when you need it most.

Hot water is a daily necessity that we often take for granted but maintaining your hot water system is essential for ensuring its efficiency.

A well-maintained hot water system saves you money on energy bills and helps prevent expensive repairs or replacements down the line. However, many homeowners need help caring for their hot water systems properly.

Maintain Hot Water System

Hence, we have curated this informative guide on hot water system maintenance. We will share practical tips on preventative measures and troubleshooting common issues.

With these insights, you can maximise your hot water tank, so keep reading.

What Maintenance Does A Hot Water System Need?

To maintain your hot water system, you need to know about the two elements of the device. These are:

1. Sacrificial Anodes

Most hot water systems have a metal rod inside it called a “ sacrificial anode”. Usually, it is made from aluminium or magnesium and coated with zinc. The function of the “sacrificial anode” is to attract impurities and minerals in the water, making it the most important component that should be considered for hot water system maintenance.

Without this rod, your water tank will collect all the impurities, causing it to rust and deteriorate. As the name suggests, the rod sacrifices itself for the good of your hot water system. So, when you notice the “sacrificial anode” rusting, you must replace it with a new one. Replacing the rod can be dangerous as it involves dealing with hot water and gas or electric lines.

Therefore, you should call a professional whenever you must replace the “sacrificial anode” rod.

Maintaining Tankless Hot Water Unit

2. Temperature And Pressure Relief Valves

The other important element of your hot water system that needs regular maintenance is the temperature and pressure relief valves (TPR). The TPR valves function as a safety measure for the hot water system.

If you have very hot water, it can split or explode due to the pressure building inside. As such, the TRP is installed inside the tank to release high temperatures and pressure.

You can check the temperature relief valve with these simple steps.

  • Check for any leaks; if any, you have to replace them.
  • Gear up for safety with long pants, gloves, and covered shoes, as you must drain hot water from the tank.
  • Ensure that the area below the outlet pipe is clear of any obstructions.
  • You can then gently lift the handle on the TPR valve but only apply a little force if it’s stuck.
  • Stand as far as possible from the hot water unit as a secondary safety measure.

Plumbing Repairs Water Heater

  • As you lift the handle of the TPR valve, hot water will pour out of the opening of the outlet pipe.
  • Gently lower the handle back to close the outlet pipe once the water temperature and pressure are low.
  • If the outlet pipe doesn’t close, you will have to replace the valve.
  • Last, hire a licensed and fully qualified plumber if the temperature and pressure relief valve needs replacing.

Tips On How To Maintain Hot Water System

We recommend following these tips to maintain your hot water system.

1. Check The TPR Valve

  • Cut the power off and stop the cold water supply.
  • Place a bucket under the pipe connected to the temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Lift the TPR valve to let some water out, then let go.
  • If water still flows after that, unscrew the old valve and replace it with a new one.

2. Draining The Tank And Removing Sediments

  • Drain the tank into a bucket and remove all water.
  • Remove the remaining sediments by stirring and temporarily turning on the cold water supply.
  • Repeat this process until the tank is clean.
  • Close the drain cock and refill the tank; you can also turn the power on.

Plumber Maintenance Works

3. Insulate The Pipe

  • Buy some 3/8-inch thick self-sticking foam pipe insulation matching the diameter of the pipes.
  • Slide the insulation foam into the hot-and-cold water pipe as far as you can reach.
  • Peel the tape and close the insulation by squeezing.

4. Insulate The Heater

  • Cut the insulation blanket according to fit around the TPR valve, pipes, and temperature control tank.
  • Wrap the side of the tank with the insulation blanket and seal the cut with foil tape.
  • Cap an electric water heater with an oversize circle of insulation and tape the edge properly to the side of the tank.

Keep Your Hot Water Flowing With Ease!

Long story short, getting your hot water heater serviced regularly is important. Otherwise, the hot water tanks may explode, which can be dangerous if anyone is near them.

Now, heat pump water heaters may require you to have the temperature pressure relief valves replaced over time. But the task of replacing water heater parts can be a challenging task. As such, you must hire experienced plumbers to get the system serviced.

We recommend Big Blue Plumbing when you have to maintain hot water tanks. Our hot water specialists can help repair faulty hot water systems. We also offer the best installation and replacement hot water service in case of a hot water system failure.

We hope you can use the maintenance and servicing guide for long-term benefits.

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