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What Issues Are Considered A Plumbing Emergency


If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, don’t panic! Read this post to find out what’s considered an emergency and what to do.

Sometimes, it may look like your plumbing needs emergency repairs, but not all issues require a local emergency plumber.

For instance, if you notice a sudden drop in the water supply, there is a high chance that the local community water supply is currently undergoing some maintenance. Likewise, clogged drains can easily be cleaned using an efficient drain cleaner. Hence, these are all considered minor plumbing repairs.

What is a Plumbing Emergency

On the other hand, any plumbing problem that can pose a threat to your and your family can be considered an emergency plumbing issue. As such, you must get in touch with professionals when you notice signs of plumbing problems.

One prime example is a broken down water heater which can cause serious damage to the house if you don’t get it repaired immediately. Similarly, if a broken pipe carries gas, it can cause an explosion in the house if you are not careful enough.

Hence, we have created this guide to help you figure out which problem can be considered a plumbing emergency. So, without further delay, let’s begin!

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency usually occurs when any issue with the main plumbing system can cause severe damage to the property as well as to your health. For instance, a gas leak can put your life at risk since it can cause a fire outbreak in your home.

In this section, we have listed all the potential plumbing emergencies in Sydney.

A. Ruptured Pipes And Gas Leaks

Leaking Gas Pipes Ruptured

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is a ruptured pipe since it can cause severe damage to your property. Moreover, the leaks from the damaged pipes can cause you to slip or get electrocuted from electrical outlets if you are not careful.

Usually, ruptured pipes may occur in your house if they are already corroded or damaged. Moreover, invading tree roots can damage the pipes in the vicinity to cause leaks or bursts.

It would be best to immediately shut off the main water supply whenever you notice a ruptured pipe. Additionally, removing the furniture and electrical equipment near the rupture source can prevent them from getting damaged.

Some pipes are designed to carry the gas to your kitchen; therefore, you can have a possible gas leak if the pipes burst. All natural gas has a strong smell, so you can easily identify the leak through the odour. Leaking gas can cause difficulty in breathing, and excessive exposure to the gas can put your life at risk.

As such, you must not ignore a burst pipe for too long since it can cause a lot of damage to your property. Try to seal the damaged area and call an emergency plumber.

B. Blocked Toilet

Toilet Unblocked Plunger

If you notice a foreign object blocks your toilet or the flow system is malfunctioning, we suggest turning off the main water supply. This will allow you to get a better view of the main toilet system while you inspect the problem.

Fixing a blocked toilet is relatively easy since you need to break the clog till it reaches the drain. For this purpose, you can use a plunger to help release the toilet clog. This will eventually force the clog to flush down the drain.

On the other hand, if the toilet has compressed still water within the pipes, it can result in an explosion. Hence, we recommend contacting a licensed plumber to resolve this problem.

C. Water Heater Breakdown

Water Heater Breakdown Repair

When it comes to water heaters, several reasons can cause them to break down, resulting in issues such as dripping tanks, smelly water, water leak or extreme temperature water. Moreover, the water heater will become noisy and inconvenient each time you use it.

We recommend hiring a professional plumber to fix the problem if the heater leaks. However, you won’t need a plumber’s assistance if there is no water leak in the heater. Try to flush the tank and see if it resolves the colour and smelly water issues. Flushing the tank may also improve the efficiency of the heater.

In contrast, boiling and cold water are clear indicators of a malfunctioning hot water system; hence, we suggest staying far away from the heater as it can explode. A malfunctioning water heater can cause serious damage to the wall and ceiling if it explodes. It can also injure people if they are close to the explosion.

Turning off the heater will prevent the appliance from exploding, but this is only a temporary solution. You can either repair the heater or replace it with a new model.

D. A Malfunctioning Sump Pit

Malfunctioning Sump Pit

When you notice the sump pit is not working, you should remove the screen to ensure the waste doesn’t block the wheel from spinning. On the contrary, if the wheel is working, there may be a problem with the sump pump. One of the main reasons it can malfunction is when the pump doesn’t receive sufficient power from the power supply.

Also, leaving the pump on for an extended period can cause it to shut down completely because of overload. Moreover, you should ensure the basement doesn’t get flooded during a storm, as it can cause the sump pit to malfunction. We recommend closing all the doors and entrances to the basement to prevent the basement from flooding.

If you have a power outage during a natural calamity, we suggest keeping a backup battery connected to the sump pit; otherwise, it will not work efficiently.

E. Shower And Bathtubs Blockage

Shower Bathtub Blockages

Imagine taking a shower in the bathroom and suddenly noticing the water level rising above your ankle! This is a clear indicator that your bathtub is blocked, and it requires some maintenance to make it functional again.

Several objects can cause a blocked bathtub, such as body hair, broken hair, soap, tissue paper and other objects. Also, a shower drain can get blocked if dust collects in the holes. You can avoid this problem by cleaning the shower head regularly.

On the other hand, be careful wherever you notice a blocked bathtub. If you carelessly try to move while the bathtub is flooded, it can cause you to slip and have a serious injury.

F. Leaking Hoses On Washing Machine

Leaking Washing Machine Hoses

If you own a washing machine, you should always keep an eye on the hose. A washing machine hose is usually hard to notice; therefore, a tiny break or rupture in the hose can cause a massive leakage. The water leaks from the hose can damage your property and even tarnish the floors.

Moreover, a leaking washing machine can flood your house if you are not careful enough. If you notice this problem, we recommend getting the machine repaired by a professional.

G. Failure In The HVAC System

Failure Hvac System

Most plumbing systems are designed to work with the HVAC system; hence, a defective HVAC system can cause plumbing issues. Usually, a pipe connects the two systems and water droplets from one system to another.

However, if a malfunction occurs, it causes some HVAC system components to heat and cool abnormally, which can cause a severe explosion. Keeping this in mind, we recommend covering the refrigerant and replacing the filtration to prevent the HVAC from malfunctioning.

The HVAC system performs better if the temperature is consistent throughout. Besides causing severe damage to your property, you might face a sudden rise in the current bill.

H. Sewer System Backups

Sewage System Backed Overflowing

A sewage system backup is one of the biggest plumbing emergencies, which can cause severe damage. Moreover, a sewer backup is usually expensive to clean and can also cause a health hazard. You can spot a sewer line backing up whenever you notice a clogged drain, smelly odours or babbling noise from the toilet.

If you don’t take care of overflowing sewage, it can spread germs and bacteria all over your house. Some of these can even be life-threatening as well. Most sewage systems are filled with bacteria, pollutants and viruses, which can put your life at risk. Hence, calling professionals will be the best option since they will have the necessary equipment to deal with this problem.

Never try to clean the sewage yourself, as the harmful chemicals in the sewage can affect your health.

I. Sweating Walls

Water Damage Roof House

In Sydney, you may notice sweating walls as the water within the pipes freeze up during the cold season. Excess humidity during summer and winter can reach the pipes surrounded by thick walls, causing water droplets to appear on the wall. If you notice this, you should understand this as water leaks since the pipes are perfectly fine.

Nonetheless, sweating walls is a big inconvenience since they can cause the paint to become dull. For instance, sweating walls can act as a breeding ground for mould and mildew to grow naturally, and this can cause your wall to look dull. Besides, the carpet and floor can absorb the extra moisture, leaving a musty smell all over your house.

J. Poor Water Pressure

Water Pressure Tap

Poor water pressure usually occurs when a foreign object or hindrance prevents the water from flowing naturally to the plumbing system. For instance, installing new water fixtures can change the flow of water, resulting in a sluggish water supply.

Similarly, if the water valve is not opened properly, it can cause insufficient water pressure to enter the main plumbing system. The same can be said for the pressure relief valve since a malfunction can cause poor water pressure levels. Therefore, you must inspect your plumbing system regularly to ensure everything is working optimally.

Identifying Plumbing Emergencies

Once you have figured out the common plumbing emergencies your plumbing system faces, there are two things to do. Firstly, you should always turn off the main water supply whenever you notice a problem with the plumbing system. This will ensure that the water doesn’t get wasted if there is a leak or damage in the pipes.

Contact a local plumber or emergency plumbing service to fix the problem. We’d suggest doing some research about the Sydney emergency plumbers so that you can find a reliable emergency plumber.

With that, it’s a wrap. See you next time!

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