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8 Ways To Remove Items From Toilet Trap

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Got something stuck in your toilet trap that isn’t flushing well? Look at our guide to successfully removing items from the toilet trap and solve your problem.

Have you got something stuck inside the toilet bowl accidentally, and you’re confused about how to remove the object? A clogged toilet is the nemesis of homeowners and renters with naughty kids in the house.

Be it accidental or intentional, objects that fall into the toilet drain find their way into the toilet trap or S-trap and get stuck there. No matter how much you flush, the fallen item won’t move unless it’s removed, especially bigger ones. So, you must manually remove them to free the blockage.

Remove Items Toilet Trap

However, we know removing items that get stuck in the toilet trap can be tricky, which is why we’re here. We’ll guide you to several ways that can be used to unclog the toilet and remove any item stuck in the drainage. So if your toilet is draining slowly from an object clogging the tank and you want to save money, let us help you in our detailed guide!

How To Remove Object From Toilet Trap

1. Identify The Cause

Knowing what we’re dealing with makes unclogging the toilet much easier. So, make sure you know what is causing the blockage before you begin.

Retrieving Items Toilet

Some items can be easily removed with hands, while some need additional assistance with handy tools like an auger or a plunger.

To do that, you can check the bathroom to spot any missing items. Or ask your kids about the items they might have mistakenly or playfully thrown in the toilet bowl.

2. Empty The Toilet Bowl

If you were lucky enough to identify the item stuck in the toilet trap, that’s good. But even if you weren’t, it’s not a problem, as the next step you can continue with you either way. And that’s draining the water from the toilet bowl before plunging.

You can do so with the help of a disposable container, but remember not to completely drain all the remaining water, as you will need some for effective plunging. Also, empty the toilet tank and close the flapper. You should also shut off the toilet’s water supply line by closing the shutoff valve usually present at the back wall of the toilet. Once you’re done with this, it’s time to try various ways to dislodge items from the toilet trap.

3. Dislodge The Object Manually With Hands Or Wire Hook

Sometimes you can reach items clogging your toilet by hand and dislodge them, but that’s generally with large items like big toys. So, if you can spot the item clogging the toilet, remove it while wearing elbow-size protective gloves.

A good old metal coat hanger can make things easier if you can’t reach the object. All you have to do is twist the wire hanger into a hook and use it to dislodge the object. To do that, slowly advance the hook side of the bent coat hanger into the toilet and use the hook to bring out the item from the toilet drain.

If this method isn’t successful in removing the item, we have some other ways you can try, which we have mentioned below!

4. Use A Toilet Plunger

A toilet plunger like a flange plunger or a cup plunger can be used to remove toilet clogs and items from the toilet trap. Rhythmic thrusts with a toilet plunger can successfully remove the clogged item if you can’t spot the object stuck in the drain.

Removing Item Plunger

Plunging the toilet can cause a mess, so it’s better to wear protective gear and make sure you are not in your favourite shirt. Covering the surrounding toilet area with towels or newspaper would be best to ensure a clean job. Also, do not forget to wear rubber gloves while plunging for better hygiene.

Once you’ve done the needful, place the plunger in the drain, create enough suction, and then start compressing the plunger with rhythmic thrusts for a few minutes or until the object gets vacuumed out. Remember not to forcefully thrust the plunger as it can damage the septic tank.

You can remove an object from your toilet trap easily with a plunger. However, if it doesn’t work, we have a few more tips you can try.

5. Use A Toilet Auger Or Drain Snake

A toilet auger can also remove objects from the toilet if a plunger isn’t successful at the job. If you don’t have a toilet snake, your neighbours might have one, so don’t shy away from borrowing and asking for help when needed.

Drain Snake Toilet

Once you have arranged a drain auger, wear rubber gloves and get ready to twist its way into the drain pipe to retrieve the stuck object. You can successfully dislodge any stuck item in the toilet trap by placing the auger into the drain opening and twisting it along the way.

A toilet auger is the most commonly used tool by plumbers to unclog toilets that have items stuck in them. So, your toilet should undoubtedly be unclogged by using it too. However, if this way fails to work by any chance, you can try the next method!

6. Use A Wet Vacuum

A wet vacuum is another great way to remove a toilet clog. This method is simple but needs precision and the correct technique to pull it off successfully. Plus, it’s better to do this with the help of someone for better control.

Now, before you put the hose into the drainage, remember to remove the dry dust bag if you have a 2-in-1 vacuum. Also, try not to shove the hose deep down the drain pipe, as it can be damaging. Once you note these essential factors, put the vacuum hose into the drainage and advance it forward till it reaches the object.

When the vacuum touches the object or feels its presence, turn it on to a medium setting. After that, slowly pull out the hose; by the end, you should be able to spot the stuck object. If not, try again with a slight increase in the vacuum setting.

7. Use A Toilet De-Clogger

Sometimes an object gets stuck in the toilet trap with toilet paper clogging it, making it even more challenging to unblock. So you need to clear off anything stuck in the S-trap.

This problem can be easily solved by using chemical de-cloggers, which aren’t recommended as they can damage the toilet. However, if you’re willing to resort to extreme measures like these, we recommend using mild ones. You can also try natural methods such as baking soda or hot water, however, if the object is solid, this will not work.

8. Remove The Toilet Bowl

If all else fails, then it’s better to remove the toilet base itself to remove any stuck objects. Though you can DIY it by watching a YouTube tutorial, we recommend you call a plumber to avoid any mishaps during the process.

Removing Toilet Items

Getting Items Stuck In The Toilet

Are you ready to remove that stubborn blockage from your toilet?

As you have learnt in our guide, if you don’t grab an item that has fallen into the toilet immediately, it could cause a series of plumbing issues. To prevent objects from entering the drain trap, we recommend closing the toilet seat cover all the time except when it’s in use.

This way, objects won’t fall accidentally into the toilet bowl. Also, talk to your kids about the importance of not throwing items in the toilet bowl. If you need a plumber, speak to the team at Big Blue Plumbing. You can count on our expert plumbers for swift toilet repairs and blocked drains solutions!

That was our guide to removing stuck items in the toilet trap. We hope you can learn something from this guide and will try to avoid any such scenario from recurring.

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