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Unblock Your Toilet DIY: Baking Soda And Salt

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Don’t let a blocked toilet ruin your day — find out how to unclog your toilet DIY style in an emergency with baking soda and salt.

A toilet bowl backing water instead of flushing it down the drain is certainly distressing for any homeowner.

At times, no matter how much you plunge into the toilet, unclogging the bowl isn’t an easy task. While this is undoubtedly a nightmare, you need not panic because numerous workarounds can come in handy for unclogging a blocked toilet.

Diy Toilet Unblocking Method

Although your first instinct may be to use commercial toilet cleaners, we’d prefer to take the DIY route to unclog a toilet without making a mess. You must grab some baking soda and salt from the pantry to unclog the toilet drain without spending a penny.

The best thing about these two ingredients is they sparkle when mixed, effectively clearing serious toilet clogs. So, if you’re tired of plunging your blocked toilet, it’s time to try the baking soda and salt remedy.

Unblock Toilet With Baking Soda And Salt

Plungers save your day when unclogging blocked toilets, but they don’t help clear stubborn clogs. Even if plunging clears the toilet clog, the result is often temporary, and the toilet bowl will get blocked again.

That’s when two ingredients from your pantry will come to your rescue — baking soda and salt. Let’s find out how these two ingredients can be used for unclogging toilets without making a mess.

Step 1: Mix Baking Soda And Table Salt

Table Salt Baking Soda Mix

You’ll first have to mix both ingredients in equal quantities in a bowl, bottle or container. Preferably, take half a cup of salt and half a cup of baking soda in a wide-mouthed bottle or container and mix them together.

Step 2: Pour The Mixture In The Toilet Bowl

After mixing the two ingredients, you’ll have to pour them into the toilet bowl to unclog the drain. It would be best if you remembered that the mixture must be slowly poured into the drain so it doesn’t spill on your hand or it will irritate the skin.

Pouring Mixture Toilet Bowl

Step 3: Boil About Six Cups Of Water

Take a pan, pour about six cups of water into it and keep it on the stove till it boils. Pouring boiling water is necessary to loosen the clogs; however, you must ensure that the water isn’t overly hot.

That’s because too hot water can damage your PVC pipes, leading to costly repairs. When pouring hot water down the drain, wear gloves and pour it slowly so you don’t end up burning your hand.

You may hear a funny bubbling sound emanating from the drain as soon as you pour the baking soda-salt mixture, followed by hot water. You need not worry because that is the sound of the mixture loosening and breaking the clog. Let this natural cleaning solution rest for at least 8 hours before moving on to the final step.

Step 4: Pour Hot Water

Pouring Boiling Water Toilet Bucket

The last thing you’ll need to do is slowly pour one cup of hot water down the drain and then flush the toilet to clear the clog.

In the event of a severe clog, you’ll have to repeat the steps once or twice to unclog the toilet completely. If your toilet bowl clogs frequently, you can use this baking soda and salt method monthly to keep it clog-free.

Alternatives Ways To Unclog A Toilet

1. Unclog Toilet With Rock Salt

Another effective way to unclog a toilet is to use rock salt, but remember that it takes longer to react. That is why you’ll have to pour it in the evening; it will only unclog your toilet by the morning.

Here’s how you must use rock salt to unblock your toilet bowl.

  • Step 1: Take a cup of rock salt and two gallons of hot water.
  • Step 2: Combine salt with hot water and pour it down the toilet bowl.
  • Step 3: Allow the mixture to sit in the drain for at least 8 hours.
  • Step 4: After 8 hours, flush the toilet to unclog the drain.

When the clog is cleared, your toilet will function properly without making any gurgling sounds or water backing up. One thing you must keep in mind is that using boiling water is a big no-no because the porcelain may crack. If you’re unsure how hot the water should be, we suggest taking water from the tap after turning on the water heater.

Rock Salt Method Toilet Unblocking

2. Using Epsom Salt To Unclog Your Toilet

Are you in a hurry to unclog your toilet and looking for quick DIY methods to clear the clog in less than an hour? In such situations, Epsom salt will do the trick and unclog your toilet within 15 minutes.

Epsom salt is packed with sulphate, magnesium and trace minerals stronger than rock and table salt. This means it can dissolve debris more quickly than the other two salts, so your toilet will be ready for use within a few minutes.

Not everyone has Epsom salt at home, so you’ll have to order a pack online. As it’s stronger than its counterparts, the question is– how much Epsom salt do you need to unclog the toilet?

Ideally, a cup is enough to unclog a toilet, but you may need two cups for stubborn clogs. Unclogging the toilet using Epsom salt is easy-peasy– pour one cup of salt into the toilet bowl and allow it to float for about 15 minutes. Unlike other salts, you’ll notice the chemical reaction immediately because water produces a funny bubbling sound when combined with magnesium sulphate.

After some time, you can flush the toilet by pressing the handle, which will unclog immediately.

How To Use Salt To Prevent Clogging?

With regular use, toilets are likely to get clogged for numerous reasons. To prevent clogging, salt is used by many homeowners because of its antiseptic and abrasive properties.

You can use any of the three salts mentioned above to keep your toilet free from clogging. Most people prefer pouring salt down the drain weekly, while others use it every month– either way, the choice is yours.

However, if you experience severe clogs, we suggest using a mix of either kitchen salt and vinegar or baking soda and vinegar.

The best thing about these homemade drain cleaners is that they don’t cause any damage to the pipelines or the bowl compared to chemical ones. All you need to do is mix equal quantities of the ingredients and pour the mixture down the drain, followed by hot water. Rest assured, your toilet will unclog without having to call a professional plumber.

Get Your Toilet Unblocked!

Blocked toilets are a nuisance for any homeowner, but they can damage the plumbing system and the foundations of your property if left untreated.

Always use natural cleaning solutions or homemade drain cleaners to unclog your toilets because commercial ones are packed with nasty stuff that can worsen the issue. Calling a professional plumber will be your best bet if your toilet isn’t unclogged, even after using liquid cleaning solutions and DIY methods.

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