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9 Benefits Of Filtered Water

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Is filtered water better than bottled or tap water? In this guide, we have discussed nine benefits of filtered water that will urge you to install a water filter at home.

Have you ever wondered what is inside your drinking water? While drinking standard tap water might seem the more feasible choice, it can negatively affect your immune system in the long run.

This is because of the dangerous contaminants it contains. You must have noticed the smell of chlorine and heavy metal while drinking unfiltered water. And let’s not forget the bland tap water taste that doesn’t give you that satisfaction of quenching your thirst.

Benefits Filtered Water

You might feel that buying bottled water would be the best alternative. Buying plastic bottles not only affects your finances, but it also does not come under the eco-friendly category.

So, what’s the solution? Installing water filters equipped with the latest water purifying technologies so that you and your family always have access to better-tasting filtered drinking water (devoid of chemicals and harmful bacteria).

But before you do that, here’s a brief guide on the nine benefits of filtered water. So, read on!

9 Benefits Of Filtered Water

Installed Water Filter Blue

1. Spend Less On Bottled Water

Bottled Water Glass

Drinking water from a bottle always looks like the best alternative to drinking filtered water. And there has been significant growth in the number of people consuming packaged drinking water. In fact, with the bottled water market surge, around 1,000,000 bottles are sold every minute worldwide.

When you calculate the amount spent purchasing drinking water from bottles, you’ll see that it can be way more expensive than the water you can get from a filter. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying an entire crate of it or just one bottle every day; your spending still needs to be lowered.

One of the biggest problems with bottled water is that it’s not environmentally friendly. Scientists have suggested that the plastic used in packaging bottled water will soon become a massive threat to the planet.

No wonder it’s better to opt for filtered water — it’s better than packaged water in terms of taste and water quality. And, of course, you get rid of single-use plastic bottles when you install a water filter.

2. Get Rid Of Heavy Metals

Rid Heavy Metals Water

A common contaminant in tap water is heavy metals, which include dioxins, arsenic, lead, mercury, and more.

Though most of these metals are in very low quantities, you should not take their implications on human health lightly. For instance, lead is very harmful to the human body. A biochemistry study in 2011 found that lead may sometimes cause autism. In some other cases, lead might also affect men’s and women’s reproductive health.

3. Reduces Acid Reflux

Only alkaline water filters can help reduce acid reflux or heartburn. The fundamental principle behind alkaline filters is that they can neutralise the acidic properties of water that mainly causes heartburn.

Kaufman and Johnston conducted a study in 2012 where they showed the acid-buffering capacity of alkaline water. Human pepsin might be inactivated more efficiently by water with a pH of 8.8 than by a lower pH. The pH level of tap water is around 6.0 to 7.0, but it varies according to the area in which you live.

4. Improves The Digestion Process

Filter Pour Water Tap

Water has enhanced mineral content, facilitating digestion and bodily function. Once the water is filtered, your body can easily absorb and transport all the mineral content without hassle.

When you gain this optimal amount of minerals and nutrients, it helps you digest the soluble fibre you ingest in your diet. This makes the digestive process much easier.

5. Dissolved Organic Contaminants Can Be Removed

Water contains a lot of heavy metals and contaminants like lead, arsenic, and chlorine that can harm the human body. Nowadays, traces of pesticides and other harmful chemicals are also being found in tap water. Since this is a very new phenomenon, scientists are still trying to find ways through which you can eliminate this problem.

There is no scientific research on whether these chemicals impact our bodies, but drinking filtered water helps ensure good health. If the tap filter or water filter jug you install is of higher quality, it becomes more successful in removing these contaminants from water.

6. Get Tastier Food

Cleaning Apple Clean Water

It is always advised to use filtered water for cooking purposes so that the contaminants usually present in standard tap water do not harm the taste of the food. By reducing the contaminants in the cooking water to almost nothing, the food’s taste is enhanced and better preserved.

Unfiltered water contains chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals that absorb the natural taste of the food, making it bland.

7. Helps In Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking filtered water can be one of the best options. Drinking clean filtered water ensures proper hydration and helps flush the toxins out of your fatty tissues and liver so that they don’t get concentrated. As such, your liver gets to perform fat metabolism efficiently.

It would be best if you tried to drink at least eight glasses of filtered water daily. You can drink more according to your body’s needs.

8. Filtered Water Has A Better Taste And Smell

When contaminants are eliminated, filtered water tastes better. Drinking filtered water results in a more refreshing and greater sense of contentment.

Tap water has chlorine which gives it a specific taste and odour which isn’t appealing. And when you boil the water, most of the healthy minerals and nutrients get removed. As a result, it tastes pretty bland. Filtered water eliminates impurities while retaining healthy mineral deposits that give water its flavour.

9. Filtered Water Boosts The Immune System

Young Girl Pouring Water Glass

Drinking plenty of pure water from your water filtration system is good for your health. It helps support your immune system and mental health function. In addition, filtered water derived from water filters has many other health benefits. It helps ensure skin hydration, lower blood lactate levels, and reduces the risks of certain cancers, such as colon and bladder cancer, by removing chlorine.

Water Filters: Get Cleaner Water For A Cleaner You!

Numerous benefits of filtered water should urge you to switch from tap water to filtered water. Some notable benefits include improved intestinal health, increased energy, and cost savings. As a result, purifying your water and hydrating yourself is a no-brainer. Your drains and plumbing fittings can also become clogged and damaged due to hard water and other debris.

So, it would be best if you did not think twice about installing a water filter. You can choose a conventional filter tap, a water filter jug, or an alkaline one.

Our plumbing team at Big Blue Plumbing Forest Glen specialises in installing water filtration systems. We can also replace or repair existing water filters, and we ensure fast and cost-effective services. So, do not hesitate to give us a call!

We hope you have learnt a bit about your drinking water. No one wants to consume heavy metals, so do your research and look into installing a water filter today!

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