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Why Consider Pipe Relining?

#Pipe Relining

Considering pipe relining? Let’s look at the advantages of pipe relining and why you should consider having this procedure done.

Plumbing issues are a hassle to deal with; as a homeowner, you are bound to run into them sooner or later.

Damaged sewer lines or blocked drains can lead to some fairly extensive plumbing repairs, which may involve pulling walls or digging to find the pipes. This is particularly the case when your plumbing has caused cracks and leaks to show up on the surface.

Pipe Relining

But that needn’t necessarily be so, as there are methods to ensure that your plumbing system gets fixed without extensive digging. For this very purpose, plumbers may employ several pipe repair techniques that are considered a part of the pipe relining process.

It can be confusing for someone with little knowledge of the process. So, let’s take a gander at the benefits of pipe relining and see why you may want to consider having it performed over standard measures.

What Goes Into Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

A pipe relining project is an all-encompassing term for the methods used in readjusting and fixing damaged and leaking pipes from the inside without any external destruction. The area surrounding the old pipes that need a pipe repair faces barely any side effects from the procedure, if at all.

Plumbers execute the pipe relining process chiefly by repairing the damaged pipe or replacing the insides of an existing pipe using methods ranging from an additional coating to flexible or rigid tubing. The limited invasiveness of the procedure makes this revolutionary method preferable over destructive repair methods like pipe replacement.

Why Choose Pipe Relining

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of pipe relining:

1. Cost-Effective Solution

Regarding pipe relining cost, it’s no issue as the process is fairly straightforward. This is especially apparent compared to other ways of repairing blocked or broken pipe. And since pipe relining work involves no destructive pipe relining techniques, the team of plumbers you employ will have fewer members, saving you money on labour costs.

Moreover, there will be no additional repair costs incurred with this process, making the procedure as hassle-free as possible. The procedure is far less invasive, and there is plenty of money to be saved because of it.

2. Advanced Technique

Plumbing Tools Pipes

Pipe relining is an advanced procedure that needs to be done with precision; otherwise, the results might not be as effective. It can even be used on pipe junctions and inspection pits with the right method and skilled professionals.

3. No Damage To Surrounding Areas

Damage Surrounding Areas Graphic

Pipe replacements are noisy and invasive, contrary to pipe relining. During extensive plumbing procedures, damage to the area surrounding the problematic broken pipes is an understandable worry for homeowners. Structural damage to their homes is the last thing they need to worry about. And if the damaged pipes are in your lawn or garage, the repairs and renovations can leave your wallet feeling much lighter.

But with pipe relining, you don’t need to worry about such a thing, as no construction work is involved. Plumbers use specialised tools to ensure the process goes smoothly, eliminating minimal damage.

4. Fortifies Plumbing System

Fortifies Plumbing Solutions

One of the most effective pipe relining techniques involves coating epoxy resin on old pipes to reinforce the pipelines, extending their lifespan. To put it simply, the relining process results in two layers of piping that cover all the weak spots and are stronger.

This means that your plumbing will see fewer issues as time passes, and it could be years before any pipe problems crop up again.

Plumbing systems of older homes use clay, concrete or cast iron drainage pipes, which could be better as a long-term piping solution. If you live in an old house, there’s a chance that much of your existing pipe system has already deteriorated, causing drain disturbances.

Solutions such as an epoxy resin coating or inserting additional piping can help smoothen the flow capacity of fluids in damaged or broken pipes. The smooth surface created by these solutions prevents debris from sticking to the pipe’s interior for a long time, improving the water flow in drains.

5. Improved Safety

Pipe Relining Solutions

There is always a degree of danger involved in pipe replacement methods that involve digging trenches or holes. Cases of people injuring themselves by tripping and falling in areas with even a single hole have been far too many to ignore.

With seamlessly relined pipes, there are no safety concerns for anyone involved, including kids and pets. The lack of above-ground obstructions makes the process of repairing pipes a much-needed improvement over a traditional method like pipe replacement or pipe repair, even for underground pipes.

6. A Permanent Solution

Pipe Relining System Installed

Clearing tree roots from your PVC pipes is only temporary. When performed using epoxy, pipe relining will perform up to your expectations for up to 50 years, becoming a permanent fix.

This new pipe is stronger than a PVC pipe alone and is guaranteed to protect your new pipes from roaming tree roots. It’s a permanent solution for those relined pipes. A 50-year lifespan is more than enough of a solution for your plumbing, giving you a much higher value for the services you hire.

7. Prevents Sewage Pollution

Preventing Sewage Polution

There are two primary environmental benefits to relining pipes over other plumbing methods. The first is the lowered risk of leaks and cracks in the epoxy-relined pipe, effectively stopping sewage from soiling the surrounding land. Epoxy liners are free from this problem as they form a smooth surface inside the pipe and eliminate obstructions that affect the flow of water. The smooth surface increases the flow capacity and keeps the pipes clean.

As for the second benefit, the lack of disruption in the surrounding landscape means that the top ground layer remains intact. Moreover, this means that other pre-existing sewer pipes will not risk being damaged either. Thus, when a plumbing procedure is performed, there are no chances of sewage pollution.

8. Quick And Easy

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining makes more sense when the time is limited. Excavating, pulling out the old piping and replacing everything takes considerable time. Pipe relining is best where accessing pipes would require complex work; pipes laid under tiles, concrete floors, etc.

There are few broken pipe repairs faster than pipe relining worth noting. Trained professionals can fully reline your plumbing system in a few hours, causing a minimal disturbance and requiring no cleaning up afterwards.

If the pipe is repaired using pipe relining, it will be fully functional within a few hours, with pipe replacements taking longer to produce usable pipes.

The sooner a new pipe relining job finishes, the sooner you can take your mind off the problem. Thanks to this process, you’ll enjoy the extra time to focus elsewhere!

9. Better Property Value

Pipe Relining Works

Plumbing has a direct impact on the value of a home. The plumbing system should be well-designed and maintained to drain sewage effectively with no issues. When put up for resale, if a plumbing system is outdated or has damaged pipes, it can plummet the property’s sale price.

Pipe relining ensures that your plumbing system remains in top-notch condition for many years, keeping your property value in a healthy range.

Is Pipe Relining Right for You?

Depending on your plumbing issues, consider pipe relining before replacing the damaged pipe system.

Pipe replacement is one of the most extensive and damaging plumbing processes, cementing its status as a last resort when solving plumbing issues. You can expect to clear out days of your schedule while a replacement is performed on your lawn or garage.

In contrast, if blocked drains or broken pipes are a persistent problem in your house, either from small persistent leaks to burst pipes, then pipe relining is recommended to repair and extend the life of your pipes.

Pipe relining for blocked drains is a straightforward process that takes up a fraction of the time and offers a solution just as durable. The procedure is fast and quiet, causing limited obstruction and resulting in a plumbing system that can continue functioning for the foreseeable future.

For premium pipe relining services or any pipe problems from highly trained professionals, contact Big Blue Plumbing today. Our skilled professionals will give you a thorough rundown of what needs to be done, ensuring that you are satisfied with the relining process.

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